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The Irritations of Shopping.

15 May

Shopping for clothes and shoes is one of the most frustrating experiences for me.  I can spend hours and hours browsing shops for items to buy, and will still go home with very little. Not because I have no interest in filling my wardrobe with beautiful garments, but because with a body like mine, very few ‘fashionable’ items will fit how they should.

I have stopped wearing trousers for instance, because if I buy a pair, I can’t just wear them… they have to go and be altered to be the right length.  Jackets won’t fit because the bulky muscle in my arms means all the sleeves are too tight.  Even skirts can be an issue as my curved spine means they stick out too much at the back.

And shoes?! I just wish I could walk around barefoot all the time.  The length of my feet would suggest I should be wearing a UK Size 1 shoe (yes, a child’s size!) but the width of them is so much that these shoes would never fit.  This leaves me with two options. 1) Pay to have shoes made especially for my feet.  I have done this once, but at quite some cost, and they still didn’t look like ‘normal’ shoes. Or 2) Buy shoes that are too long, but are wide enough to fit my feet in.  That’s what I usually do.  I live in size 3 shoes.  Well, boots. Specifically Ugg boots. They are the only footwear I have ever felt totally comfortable in, and I wear them every single day. Well worth the £160 they cost me! 🙂 In the Summer, I live in flip-flops, as they can be cut to size if you buy the foam ones.  So I have found shoes I can wear, but I just wish I could go into a shoe shop, and buy a ‘beautiful pair of heels’ that would be ‘too high to be comfortable in’ – Just so I could have the same experience as friends my age do. They love shoe shopping, I absolutely dread it.

It’s not just the clothes themselves that remove the enjoyment from a shopping trip for me – it’s the shops themselves.  I accept the fact that things will be out of reach for me, as shops are set out for customers of ‘average size’, but it is SO annoying having to ask someone to reach things on my behalf.  It does put me off even looking at some things properly, just to save having to ask for help. It’s silly really!

Of course, the pain that comes with standing up or walking for too long probably doesn’t help how I feel about browsing shops.  It does somewhat ruin the possibility of a ‘girly day shopping’.  Then again, it’s a good excuse to go into another café! 😉 It’s just one of the small things in life which for most people are enjoyable, but the challenges Pseudoachondroplasia throws at you can ruin a little.  Not the end of the world at all, but it is irritating!



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