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Hip 2: One Month On.

20 Feb

One month ago today, my new left hip was put in it’s new home. Today, it is very happy to be there and is eager to do its job and get on with life. I’m really happy with it.

I can now drive, lay on my side at night, put my socks on myself (!) and am getting about quite easily on crutches. I keep accidentally putting more weight than I should through the new hip- because it feels so strong and ready I think- but am trying to stick by the rules until I know the bone graft is all fine when I go for an x-ray in 11 days.

The scar is healing well and I’ve got used to seeing it there now… It matches the other side quite nicely:


Hopefully not too long to go before I can begin to get off these crutches and possibly commence the first crutch-free phase of my adult life! 🙂 Will update once I’ve had the next appointment.



Ta-dah! Reveal of the Scar!

8 Oct

Last week, the stitches were removed from the hip replacement wound (not a pleasant experience), but more dressings were put on to protect it for a little longer. Today, I’ve been to see the nurse again (who told me my scar is ‘beautiful’ haha) and all is well, so now the scar is free to breathe fresh air, and to be looked at properly.

Whilst the scar is fairly long (25cm ish?) it is neat! Very impressed by the surgeon’s skills and steady hand… And thought I’d share the mark of his masterpiece on here…


Impressed? Knew you would be 😉

3 weeks til my next appointment with the surgeon for x-rays to see how the bone graft is healing, so I’ll post after that… but til then, I am day by day getting back to normal life and I’m happy! 🙂


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