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The Importance of Support

30 May

My family and friends are, without a doubt, what get me through life.  I’d be pretty lost without them.

I have an extremely supportive family, who have not only helped me through recovery after surgeries many times, but are there for me on a day to day basis – helping to carry things I cannot as I’m using crutches, getting things for me when they’re out of reach, they drove me to places I could not walk to (before I had a car of my own!) and many other ways.  They understand that some of the small things in life can cause difficulty for me and they try to make things as easy for me as they possibly can… which they’ll never realise how much I appreciate (well, Mum might do once she’s found this post!).  They’ve kept me company and provided entertainment when I’ve been stuck in bed after surgery, they have made me smile when my self confidence has been low, and most importantly, they make me feel 100% accepted.

My friends are extremely important to me too, and I have some incredibly close ones who I value very highly.  There is one in particular who, like my family, naturally considers my physical needs in whatever we’re doing, whether it is shopping so she’ll carry my bags, or going to the cinema and her not walking all the way to the seats at the back to save my legs.  She is amazing. She’ll know who she is, so a big THANK YOU to you m’dear – I don’t think I make it clear enough how much I appreciate you. ❤

All of my friends are important to me though, and I try to make sure that they know it.  There have been times when I’ve felt down about the fact that I can’t do some sports, that I’m shorter than pretty much everyone I know, that I don’t ‘fit in’ to society… but my friends have always been the ones to pick me up, they put a smile back on my face! Some of them don’t even necessarily realise that they have helped me.  They may not have noticed what an impact a comment may have made, or that they’ve subconsciously slowed down when walking so that I can keep up… but I do notice these little things – they show what amazing people I have as friends. For any of you who read this, I really do appreciate you and love having you in my life! 🙂

What I’m trying to get across is how important strong family bonds and friendships can be. There will be times when physically, life is difficult, but also times when emotionally, things can get a little too much for you… and it is in times like those that you really need people around you who understand how you’re feeling.

I don’t know what I would have done in many situations throughout my life so far, if I hadn’t had the support of those around me… so I’m putting it in writing now, to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has put a smile on my face and is a true friend to me.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I mean it!


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