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What’s Next for the Knees? Nothing (for now).

17 Mar

Following on from my previous post, where I’d written about having had an appointment with my GP about my painful knee – here’s my update…

I had an x-ray done at the local hospital, and the radiographer’s report was that the only abnormality in my knee was that I have osteoporosis (bone thinning).

Feeling unsure of this, as that diagnosis wouldn’t explain the pain I’ve been experiencing, I have also been for a consultation with the surgeon who replaced my hips (as I trust him completely). He too has said that my knee isn’t arthritic to the point of needing replacement yet (hooray!), and that the osteoporosis the radiographer had said was there is actually just localised due to previous surgeries I’ve had. Other operations affected how my bones grew and thus have left them less dense than would be expected in someone of my age. So, that’s all good news. However! Neither of those observations explain the pain in my knee. The consultant has said that he thinks the problem behind the pain is that my patellas (knee caps) are lower than they should be…

Right knee

This, combined with my legs not being straight means that they’re being pulled to one side and this is causing the pain. There isn’t anything that can safely (and with confidence) be done about this, so in essence, I must deal with it and live with the pain. Not ideal. There are positives, as it means I don’t need to take time away from my PhD studies for surgery, and that joint replacement isn’t required as I had feared it may be – but the thought of the daily pain isn’t great.

So, no major news… but this is the update about what is next for the knee, and the answer is, for now, nothing. It’ll just continue to painfully grind inside and pop and click.


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