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THIS is how I feel about Dwarf Actors too.

27 Jan

This is just a quick post, as I happen to have found an article that totally resonates with me. It’s not a recent one, but I have only just found it (via the blog of Lisa Hammond, a British actress who has Pseudoachondroplasia too and I could not agree with what has been written by Tom Shakespeare (and said by Lisa) anymore.

It’s an article about dwarf actors, and Tom’s views on this career choice, as a medical sociologist.

I’m not in the acting/film/theatre industry at all, but the following extracts from this article do 100% sum up my view about negative stereotypes being reinforced by the media/theatre/film/etc. and so I thought I’d just paste them onto this blog rather than trying to reword what has already been written perfectly:


‘other restricted-growth people’s choices impact on me directly’

‘When people laugh at other characters, like the Principal Boys or the Ugly Sisters, this has no impact outside the theatre. But jokes about the Dwarfs affect the way that the public thinks of people like me.’

‘Despite the differences, I think all restricted-growth people want the same thing: to live in a world where no one is victimised because of their stature.’

‘We just want to have the same range of career choices as everyone else, and to be accepted and respected as equal human beings.’


There isn’t much more I can add to this, other than if you have ever wondered why people with dwarfism (including myself) aren’t always impressed by the roles given/accepted by other people with dwarfism, please, just read this, and I promise you, you’ll begin to see why… (thank you Tom for writing this article!) :



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