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Unfit and Too Fat… But I have a plan!

2 Apr

There’s no denying it, I’m unfit. Really unfit. I am also too fat. I weigh too much, and I need to do something about it.


However, with my condition, losing weight and improving my fitness is a bigger challenge than it might be for the majority of adults my age who are disability-free. It’s acknowledged within the community of people with pseudoachondroplasia that we do struggle with both fitness and weight, often due to the joint pain that we get on a daily basis. Unlike some athletes with achondroplasia, we cannot just take up sports that we’d like to. Arthritic type pain, together with limited joint mobility, does restrict what we can do. For me, I’ve also been told that with replacement hip joints in place, running is out of the question, as are any sports that would increase the impact taken through my hips. So… options for burning calories are limited!


But! As always, I will not use my genetic disorder as an excuse, and I’m trying to think of ways that I can feel fitter and lose some fat.


I’ve done a little research, and the weight being recommended as ‘healthy’ by professionals posting online in support groups for me would be 6 stone 2 pounds, or 39kg. SIX STONE TWO POUNDS! Now, I know I’m far from a medical or health expert, but that to me sounds highly unrealistic. I currently weigh much more than that (no, please don’t ask me how much, I won’t be telling…) and I think if I were to weight 6 stone 2lbs, I would look unhealthy. I have the muscle mass of someone with proportionate limbs, but within much shorter ones, so BMI calculations are highly inaccurate for me, and I’m a matured adult who stands at the height of the average 11-year-old (145cm), so height/weight charts simply aren’t going to work (which I forever have to explain to doctor after doctor, unbelievably!). So I’m taking a different approach, and it won’t be done by weight loss alone. I’m going to try and improve my lifestyle until I feel I’m living a healthy one – one step at a time… Here’s my plan:


Firstly, I have started taking one-to-one Pilates tuition, in a bid to get some mobility and strength back into my painful and stiff shoulders. This, in turn, will allow me to get back to swimming (hopefully)… the go-to sport for most people with pseudoachondroplasia that I’ve had to give up since my shoulders became more painful over the last year.


Secondly, I’ve done some calculations regarding my calorie intake (based on my activity levels and body weight, but also factoring in that compared to an average height adult, I will burn slightly more calories for any equal movement). So now, I have cut down what I’m eating on a daily basis, ensuring to keep all the crucial food groups in place still (including chocolate, as I simply NEED it 😉 ). That does seem to be working already, having lost half a stone so far.


And lastly, I’m trying to move more frequently. If only to ensure that my joints are provided the synovial fluid that they need to keep pain at a minimum. Every little counts, right (?), and having lived a sedentary lifestyle for most of the years of my life, I think the slight increase in how much I move should do me some good – even if some joints won’t be enjoying the experience, as they’re almost cartilage-free! :/


With any luck, these little changes to my lifestyle will see me feeling fitter and a little less fat in a few months’ time. 🙂 Not for anyone else’s approval, but to help my body – and my mind. It’s bad enough disliking my body for its wonky legs and disproportionate limbs, without seeing an overweight woman in the mirror! So, it’s time for change. And, as I did when I wanted to change my outlook on life, I’ve written this post publicly so that I must commit to this!


p.s. Please, no-one tell me to deny myself that chocolate! 😉

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