October: Dwarfism Awareness Month.

2 Oct

It’s October… and it’s the month of raising awareness of dwarfism, in all it’s forms.

I’m not one for going on about this condition I have, so filling my social media streams with medical information simply isn’t’ my style. So, having seen a post on Facebook from a friend in the US who also has Pseudoachondroplasia who is raising awareness in an interesting way, I’ve cheekily decided to copy his idea and will be posting it on here at the end of the month.  Stephen’s idea is to post photographs throughout the month which show some of the challenges we face as the small members of society which the ‘average’ person may not usually consider or learn of… his started with a photo of his view at a sports event – someone’s back. Not exactly a brilliant view, but the guy blocking his view probably hadn’t even realised what he was doing by simply standing up without checking who was behind him.

I think that whilst I could summarise in text all the smaller issues in life caused by this condition, forming a collection of images to illustrate how my life is on a day to day basis would be a) more interesting and b) more likely to get others thinking about the effects of dwarfism on an individual’s life… so, best I start taking photos this month to post towards the end of the month (or I may post a few at a time throughout October perhaps…).

Thanks for letting me copy your idea Stephen… let the photography commence!



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