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What Can A Woman With Pseudoachondroplasia Achieve?

23 Jun

I haven’t been posting recently, as I’ve been getting on with life using my shiny new hips (which I am still very much loving!)… but having just quickly skimmed over the stats for this blog for the last few weeks, something has caught my eye – much like the title of this post may have caught yours!  I can see for this blog what search terms have been used to find the blog, and usually they are ‘pseudoachondroplasia’, ‘pseudoachondroplasia pictures’, ‘pseudoachondroplasia children’ and many similar.  However, a couple that have been searched for more recently are closer to querying whether a life lived with pseudoachondroplasia results in ‘not having a life’ or achieving very little. There have also been quite a few searches for pseudoachondroplasia woman/adult with Pseudo pictures…   So, I have decided to post a few photographs from the more recent years of my life in answer to these search terms, for any future searchers wanting to know what a woman with pseudoachondroplasia can achieve or do after childhood… Firstly, a woman with pseudoachondroplasia who has a Taylor Spatial Frame on can continue to lead a decent social life (and attend a roller skating party!)… Roller Skating     or go quad biking with a plaster cast on her leg: quad biking Secondly, a woman with pseudoachondroplasia can go to University… Loughborough   …. and graduate with a First Class degree…. graduation In answer to the additional search term of photos of a woman with Pseudoachondroplasia, I thought I would also post some of me more recently, as all my previous photo uploads have been of me throughout my childhood.  I imagine that these searches are perhaps of parents wondering what their children with Pseudo may grow to look like, what build they may have etc. etc. so I am including some full body photos – which I rarely even upload to my personal social media profiles, but here we go, for the sake of informing others!….   Dominican Republic Lanzarote Tunisia Barcelona Lanzarote with the Girls   So there we go… An adult woman with Pseudoachondroplasia, what she looks like and some examples of what she can do! 🙂   As a reminder to anyone who would like to ask any questions about anything I post, or anything you think I may know about which I haven’t specifically written about, please feel free to email me at or contact me on Twitter: @rubysoniaallen  🙂   x

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