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A Public Education

14 Mar

Here I am, sitting in McDonald’s, having a drink to break up a long car journey, and I’m listening to a conversation between a group of teenagers (I’m guessing they’re around 15/16?). A conversation about me. It started as I walked past them to sit down, “wowwwww, look how short SHE is!”. Obviously, sitting alone at the moment, I’ve been able to listen to the rest of their conversation. “She’s just weirdly short”, “I’d hate to be like that, it’s odd”, just being a couple of the comments.

Now, I won’t take offence at comments like this any more, I’ve grown used to it… But it has just made me decide I must start educating people who make such insensitive comments. So, once they’ve finished discussing the “funny” things that “midgets” can’t do, I will be going to sit with them, and I’m going to give them an education in dwarfism… And how to be polite/sensitive/nice! Not sure what reaction I’ll get, but I have to try- the behaviour of some people astounds me!

Well off I go… This could be interesting…



News Article.

8 Mar

This post isn’t about me, but is a link to something I’ve just read which I thought may be of interest to any readers of my blog.  A couple (the father has pseudoachondroplasia and the mother has achondroplasia) have had a baby who has inherited the genes for both growth disorders. A first for the UK! For anyone else who is intrigued and wants to read about it, here’s the link:




6 weeks, 1 crutch, 2 hips, 1 big smile!

4 Mar

This morning I went for my 6 week follow up appointment after my second hip replacement. I admitted to my surgeon that I had tried walking a little without crutches already, which he smiled at, as I’m pushing myself to achieve goals weeks ahead of time. Having had x-rays taken of the new joint in place, to see if the bone graft is healing, he has agreed that I can use just the one crutch for the next 6 weeks (ish) as a compromise between what I should be doing and what I want to do… Sensible I suppose as he says the bone graft just needs to strengthen a little more. 🙂

Here is the new joint, next to its partner which moved in back in September…


And here is a close up of all the little bits and pieces making up the new joint:


I have my next appointment booked for the 15th of April… And this one is to discuss what these new hips can take in terms of exercise. With any luck, once this bone graft is solidified, I may step foot in a gym for the first time! Exciting! It’s about time I got fit, as these joints have stopped me from being so for far too long. So maybe, just maybe, this will be the year for my new hips and I to get gymming! 🙂


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