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A Little Achievement.

23 Feb

Walking, even with crutches, for any length of time has always caused great pain in my hips, so I’ve always avoided it unless necessary. I’ve always longed to be able to take my dog for a walk, yet never been able to do so because of the pain. However! Today, I decided that with both of my new hips feeling very sturdy and ‘ready for action’, I would give it a go. I’m still using crutches (post-surgery rules) but I managed to take my dog for an hour and a half walk. And without any pain!! Now to a person of average mobility, that would seem like nothing, but to me, it’s made my day! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and I will soon be walking here, there and everywhere on these new hips!

Just thought I’d share my little bit of happy news!



Hip 2: One Month On.

20 Feb

One month ago today, my new left hip was put in it’s new home. Today, it is very happy to be there and is eager to do its job and get on with life. I’m really happy with it.

I can now drive, lay on my side at night, put my socks on myself (!) and am getting about quite easily on crutches. I keep accidentally putting more weight than I should through the new hip- because it feels so strong and ready I think- but am trying to stick by the rules until I know the bone graft is all fine when I go for an x-ray in 11 days.

The scar is healing well and I’ve got used to seeing it there now… It matches the other side quite nicely:


Hopefully not too long to go before I can begin to get off these crutches and possibly commence the first crutch-free phase of my adult life! 🙂 Will update once I’ve had the next appointment.


Hip 2 Updates…

5 Feb

It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since I had my second hip replacement, and I thought I’d give a little update on the situation.

No painkillers being taken. No pain being felt. I can get my own socks on (quite a challenge when you can’t bend in the usual ways!). I can get about with relative ease on crutches. I’ve been told I am allowed to drive again (I have an automatic car, it’s my left hip, and I just had to ask the surgeon for permission even though I should be waiting til 6 weeks post op! My usual impatience with recovery shining through there!). Today, I’ll be taking the hired wheelchair back, having had it sitting being completely unused.

… What I’m saying is, is that this recovery is going really well. My legs certainly seem to be back to matching lengths now, the scar is neat despite being over two scars from previous surgery (I’ll post a pic once the steri strips are off tomorrow) and all the achey pains from before are gone! Very happy.

I’m eager to get to the point where the bone graft has solidified and I can begin to get off these crutches, but I know I must be patient with that bit as there is no point causing damage by rushing it…. But for now, things are going well.



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