4 days to go…

16 Jan

With just 4 days to go til my left hip is replaced, today I went for my pre-admission tests. The usual blood tests, ECG, oxygen levels etc. and a chat with the anaesthetist and physio too. By the sounds of it, this surgery shouldn’t be too different to the first- same epidural and general anaesthetic set up, same length of stay in hospital probably and the same ‘no physio’ rule during recovery. šŸ™‚

… However, there were a couple of things which were revealed during this appointment which have put a smile on my face.

1. My efforts of being slightly healthier in order to lose some weight and get fitter have paid off so far- 12lbs lost! Woo! This means my BMI is now better, and should hopefully help these hip replacements last as long as possible!


2. Where I thought I had gained enough height to put me at 4 ft 8″, I am actually 4 ft 9″. So still pretty small but every little counts when you’re this size, so I’m pleased! šŸ™‚

There weren’t any reasons discovered during the tests though which will delay surgery, so I’m still going in on Monday. I have to arrive at 9.30am and am booked into theatre at 1.30pm. Getting a little nervous now, as the thoughts of sitting about for another few weeks and having to take a break from driving again aren’t appealing. But! I am excited to get on with this, the sooner it’s done, the sooner I’m recovered!



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