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Hip Replacement 2.

24 Jan

On Monday the 20th, I went into hospital to have my other hip replaced… Yesterday (the 23rd) I left the hospital with my matching pair of hips 🙂

The surgery went well, as my surgeon did a fantastic job of getting the implant in without having to break and straighten my femur to do so. The pain was under control for almost all of my stay in hospital, and I was able to get up out of bed and walk a little two days post surgery. I’m now at home, relying on just paracetamol to keep the pain at bay, learning how to get about with two legs which are now back to being matching length! It does seem bizarre having spent four months with a 2 inch length discrepancy, but wow am I pleased this surgery is over. 🙂 I feel like I’m at the beginning of a recovery period which will lead me back to living my life how I’d like to- pain free for a while!

With a planned recovery of three months long term (using crutches) I should be crutch free for the first time in years (13? 14 years?) in time for my 23rd birthday…. And that excites me. Finally I can get on with the things I want to focus on, and not what my body dictates I must!

So for now, I am on a mission to strengthen this hip up. I will post again once I have an x-ray or something interesting to say, but I am happy and for anyone who reads this wondering if these hip replacements truly lead to a better life? Yes, yes they do! 🙂



4 days to go…

16 Jan

With just 4 days to go til my left hip is replaced, today I went for my pre-admission tests. The usual blood tests, ECG, oxygen levels etc. and a chat with the anaesthetist and physio too. By the sounds of it, this surgery shouldn’t be too different to the first- same epidural and general anaesthetic set up, same length of stay in hospital probably and the same ‘no physio’ rule during recovery. 🙂

… However, there were a couple of things which were revealed during this appointment which have put a smile on my face.

1. My efforts of being slightly healthier in order to lose some weight and get fitter have paid off so far- 12lbs lost! Woo! This means my BMI is now better, and should hopefully help these hip replacements last as long as possible!


2. Where I thought I had gained enough height to put me at 4 ft 8″, I am actually 4 ft 9″. So still pretty small but every little counts when you’re this size, so I’m pleased! 🙂

There weren’t any reasons discovered during the tests though which will delay surgery, so I’m still going in on Monday. I have to arrive at 9.30am and am booked into theatre at 1.30pm. Getting a little nervous now, as the thoughts of sitting about for another few weeks and having to take a break from driving again aren’t appealing. But! I am excited to get on with this, the sooner it’s done, the sooner I’m recovered!


New Year, New Hip!

6 Jan

Well it’s a new year (Happy New Year to those who follow this blog!) and I’ve just spoken to my surgeon, and he tells me he has booked me in for my other hip replacement surgery… On the 20th of January! In just two weeks time! Hooray! The first replacement has relieved me of so much pain and now feels strong enough to support me through this second recovery period so I’m excited. 🙂 The surgeon said that he will try to get the implant straight down my femur, but as it’s slightly curved, he may need to break and plate the bone to get a straight cavity to fit the new hip into… Which will mean a longer period of recovery, but I think it will be worth it! So, I’m now on my countdown to my second new hip- two weeks to go!


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