Meet My New Hip!

28 Oct

Tonight, I have been for a follow up appointment with my surgeon. It was to have X-rays of the new hip and check that the femoral head has grown onto and fused to my pelvis – to form my new hip socket… And it has! 🙂

I am allowed to weight bear properly now, still using crutches, drive when I get to 6 weeks post-surgery, and sleep on my front or side again. In three weeks, I should be able to use just one crutch as support for walking. The surgeon showed me how the hip joint can move so much more than the one I had previously- he moved it so much I’m convinced I could now do box splits if the other hip was the same 😉 I am amazed. And incredibly happy with it. The surgeon seems very happy too.

So now all is well, and I am confident life is only going to get better with my new joint, I thought I’d post a photo of the X-Ray picture so everyone could meet my new hip…


That’s it! My new favourite body part.

I’ve highlighted on this photo where the femoral head has fused to the pelvis, though I’m sure the screws make it fairly obvious:


So that’s that for now, I’m off to lie down on my front. Luxury. 🙂



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