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Meet My New Hip!

28 Oct

Tonight, I have been for a follow up appointment with my surgeon. It was to have X-rays of the new hip and check that the femoral head has grown onto and fused to my pelvis – to form my new hip socket… And it has! 🙂

I am allowed to weight bear properly now, still using crutches, drive when I get to 6 weeks post-surgery, and sleep on my front or side again. In three weeks, I should be able to use just one crutch as support for walking. The surgeon showed me how the hip joint can move so much more than the one I had previously- he moved it so much I’m convinced I could now do box splits if the other hip was the same 😉 I am amazed. And incredibly happy with it. The surgeon seems very happy too.

So now all is well, and I am confident life is only going to get better with my new joint, I thought I’d post a photo of the X-Ray picture so everyone could meet my new hip…


That’s it! My new favourite body part.

I’ve highlighted on this photo where the femoral head has fused to the pelvis, though I’m sure the screws make it fairly obvious:


So that’s that for now, I’m off to lie down on my front. Luxury. 🙂



Petition and Poem.

28 Oct

I’ve just signed a petition online, and thought I’d post the link to it on here, in the hope that any of the followers of this blog may sign it too. It is to try and stop the word ‘midget’ being used on Facebook as it is an offensive term. If you could take a minute to sign it, I would really appreciate it:

I also want to post this poem, which may further highlight the need for offensive terms being used about people with dwarfism to be banned…

Just one woman, diagnosed soon after birth, with a growth disorder, what is she worth?
Being called midget, elf, disabled, short, a freak?
Or to be treated as equal to anyone you might meet?

Yes she is short, she may struggle to walk, doing certain things in life requires a little extra thought,
But more often than not that will not hold her back, until she experiences another verbal attack.

Life presents her with enough little battles without having to suffer ‘behind her back’ cackles,
Thoughtless comments and passing remarks, may seem nothing to you but they break her heart.

She knows that her stature makes her stand out,
She’ll never be able to see above all the crowds,
But having it held against her just should not be allowed.

So just take a minute to think it all through, before you comment; imagine it was you;
Who was born a little different and ‘not quite the same’…
Would you want to be labelled and be called names?

She is just one woman, with huge life ambition,
Just one woman, who gives life her best,
She just happens to have a medical condition,
And deserves to be treated just like all the rest.


Pain Free Hip and Happiness.

26 Oct

It’s been 5 and a half weeks since I had my hip replaced, and I am still SO happy with it. No pain. None at all. Very strange seeing as I’ve had horrible pain in the joint for years and years, but a very good strange! 🙂 I’ve been allowed to partially weight bear on it and have a hot bath, I can get in and out of cars without a problem (even tried driving my own a few days ago- on my land, not on the roads!), I can even stand on the leg when I forget I’m not supposed to without there being any pain. 🙂 The scar is looking even less ugly now too:


So all is well. Never been more impressed by the result of an operation! I’m able to get out and about a little too which makes me feel more human, but there is an appointment on Monday evening to determine whether I can weight bear properly yet… So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that! Maybe I’ll be given permission to drive too? I hope so! Every day the hip gets easier and easier to live with so I am hopeful that when I get my other and have a matching pair, I will be finally be able to live a ‘normal’ life! I do not know how to thank my surgeon enough, but he has done wonders for my pain levels and ultimately made me happier. 🙂

That’s it for this post, just a quick ‘I’m so chuffed with this hip’ note really! X rays to come on Monday hopefully!


Ta-dah! Reveal of the Scar!

8 Oct

Last week, the stitches were removed from the hip replacement wound (not a pleasant experience), but more dressings were put on to protect it for a little longer. Today, I’ve been to see the nurse again (who told me my scar is ‘beautiful’ haha) and all is well, so now the scar is free to breathe fresh air, and to be looked at properly.

Whilst the scar is fairly long (25cm ish?) it is neat! Very impressed by the surgeon’s skills and steady hand… And thought I’d share the mark of his masterpiece on here…


Impressed? Knew you would be 😉

3 weeks til my next appointment with the surgeon for x-rays to see how the bone graft is healing, so I’ll post after that… but til then, I am day by day getting back to normal life and I’m happy! 🙂


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