Update 2: Hip Replacement

24 Sep

Well, exactly a week ago, I was in the cinema trying to distract myself from the fact I was going in for hip replacement surgery the next morning. This evening, I am sitting at home, watching television with less pain in my hip than I had before surgery!

The hip surgery itself seems to have gone really REALLY well and I am so happy! Unfortunately, my cornea got scratched during surgery and at the moment, my sight is ever so slightly blurred in that eye at the moment, and I did have one day in hospital where I experienced extreme pain due to the epidural being switched off at a high level rather than being reduced first, but despite these set backs, I was allowed out yesterday afternoon. (6 days after surgery).

I am quite happily getting about with my crutches and one shoe on indoors, and getting by on only 2 or 4 paracetamol throughout the day to keep any pain at bay… Never been happier after an operation.

There is one very noticeable thing since the operation though, and that is the difference in leg length I now have (caused by moving the hip from its dislocated position to the ‘correct’ one I now have)! I knew there’d be some, but it seems to be around 1.5 inches! My knees are at different heights and I cannot reach the floor with my left foot when I am standing on my right leg when straightened. Not that I am complaining though! When I have the other leg done, it should match in length, which means I will be a bit taller. Still very short, but a bit taller! I will have to post a photo on here when I have one which shows the difference clearly. 🙂

So, so far, so happy! Can’t bend my leg certain ways, and have been instructed to sit in a less than ladylike manner for a few weeks, but that is absolutely fine by me for what I’ve received as a results of this surgery. Stitches out next Monday (when I will post again, as no doubt the scar isn’t going to be a thing of beauty and I’ll feel the need to describe it in my usual manner, 😉 ) but my next challenge is to get myself to London (in the passenger seat of a car, I’m not stupid enough to attempt the tube just yet!) to see ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’… Onwards and upwards, til the next surgery (which someone mentioned ‘before Christmas’ about, but that’s for a discussion another time).



2 Responses to “Update 2: Hip Replacement”

  1. Guy Henderson September 25, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your posts ! We are so happy that surgery went very well for you ! Rest and heal up soon ! You are amazing ! Guy

  2. Teresa Keenaghan September 25, 2013 at 8:26 am #

    That’s wonderful news. I hope your eye gets better soon. Take good care, and rest lots. x

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