4 Sleeps to go.

14 Sep

Well, it’s just 4 more sleeps (of the natural kind, without the anaesthetic!) til I say goodbye to my right hip. Now I’m getting a bit nervous. I’ve been given advice here there and everywhere and everyone tells me they’re sure it will be fine… I’m still scared. First time surgery has worried me. Suppose there’s a first time for everything!

I’ve got one last lot of blood tests on Monday morning, though I’m not quite sure what for… Then it’s just my own pre-surgery preparation. Back massage and leg wax booked for Monday- the essentials 😉 (well, got to feel and look good in hospital hey!)

I haven’t really got any news for this post, it’s just a quick ‘this is how I’m feeling’ (true blog style!) type of post. Oh! I have bought a nighty though… I was instructed to by the nurse- pyjamas not as practical for a hip that’s just been replaced apparently. I say nighty, it isn’t. I couldn’t face the idea of buying an old lady nighty, so it’s a long t-shirt. I’m sure it’ll do!

That’s all for now. May not post again til after it’s done actually…!



One Response to “4 Sleeps to go.”

  1. Teresa keenaghan September 14, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    Only natural to be nervous, you should have “borrowed” one of your mum’s nighty’s. Lol.

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