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Update 2: Hip Replacement

24 Sep

Well, exactly a week ago, I was in the cinema trying to distract myself from the fact I was going in for hip replacement surgery the next morning. This evening, I am sitting at home, watching television with less pain in my hip than I had before surgery!

The hip surgery itself seems to have gone really REALLY well and I am so happy! Unfortunately, my cornea got scratched during surgery and at the moment, my sight is ever so slightly blurred in that eye at the moment, and I did have one day in hospital where I experienced extreme pain due to the epidural being switched off at a high level rather than being reduced first, but despite these set backs, I was allowed out yesterday afternoon. (6 days after surgery).

I am quite happily getting about with my crutches and one shoe on indoors, and getting by on only 2 or 4 paracetamol throughout the day to keep any pain at bay… Never been happier after an operation.

There is one very noticeable thing since the operation though, and that is the difference in leg length I now have (caused by moving the hip from its dislocated position to the ‘correct’ one I now have)! I knew there’d be some, but it seems to be around 1.5 inches! My knees are at different heights and I cannot reach the floor with my left foot when I am standing on my right leg when straightened. Not that I am complaining though! When I have the other leg done, it should match in length, which means I will be a bit taller. Still very short, but a bit taller! I will have to post a photo on here when I have one which shows the difference clearly. 🙂

So, so far, so happy! Can’t bend my leg certain ways, and have been instructed to sit in a less than ladylike manner for a few weeks, but that is absolutely fine by me for what I’ve received as a results of this surgery. Stitches out next Monday (when I will post again, as no doubt the scar isn’t going to be a thing of beauty and I’ll feel the need to describe it in my usual manner, 😉 ) but my next challenge is to get myself to London (in the passenger seat of a car, I’m not stupid enough to attempt the tube just yet!) to see ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’… Onwards and upwards, til the next surgery (which someone mentioned ‘before Christmas’ about, but that’s for a discussion another time).



Height Difference

24 Sep

Apologies for the scruffy ‘I’ve just got out of hospital’ look that I was going for yesterday, but this gives an indication of the height I’ve gained through surgery!



Update: Hip Replacement

21 Sep

Well, yesterday was an awful day, the anaesthetist ordered my epidural to be stopped without reducing its dosage first and for me to go onto liquid morphine. This was fine for 2 hours before the pain kicked in and even my high pain threshold couldn’t take it! The surgeon ordered the epidural to be started again- such relief! Then yesterday afternoon the epi was reduced level by level as the oral painkillers were built up.., then the epidural was stopped once again. This time leaving my pain at a bearable level.

The surgeon came to check it out, and decided to get me to sit on the side of the bed. Gingerly I shuffled about and eventually got to the side where he made me drop my legs to bend- very odd sensation but not painful. Of course I wanted to go a step further but I was stopped at standing- but that’s such an achievement! 3 days ago the hip was replaced before I got up and (partially weight bearing) stood using it!

Today I’ve had the epidural out and am expecting to see a physio to see if I can try to get about a bit! And I can finally wear my own clothes! Hooray! I’m hoping today will be 100% positive change so there will be a big smile on my face!


Hip replaced!

19 Sep

So my hip has been replaced- successfully apparently though it’s still numb so I’m relying on the info I’m given! Apologies in advance if this doesn’t make much sense… I’m still very drugged up!

Yesterday I had an epidural (which hurt a LOT) and a general anaesthetic before surgery. I woke up with those, 2 canulars, a catheter (ewww!) and a tube draining blood from my leg. Not feeling my usual positive self at all! 😦

And on top of all this somehow my eye got damaged during surgery so that’s painful and my sight is blurry… Noone can see what’s wrong with it… I’m just hoping the damage isn’t permanent!

I’ll update again when I have positive news as I don’t want this blog to be post after post of complaining,.. But the epidural is out tomorrow then hopefully out of bed in a couple of days?! 🙂


9 Hours!

17 Sep

Well, with just 9 hours to go until I am knocked out for hip surgery, I can’t sleep. That’s no surprise. So I thought I would write a quick post here to show a card I’ve just opened from a lovely friend of mine that he’s sent to say Good Luck…


Now receiving any card is fab and puts a smile on my face, but this really does summarise my view of this surgery… I’m nervous about it, yes, but I am keeping in sight how much of a positive impact this surgery will have on the rest of my life! So, what I’m saying is “bring it on, goodbye achey hip!”

Will try to post again tomorrow evening with an update of how surgery has gone!


4 Sleeps to go.

14 Sep

Well, it’s just 4 more sleeps (of the natural kind, without the anaesthetic!) til I say goodbye to my right hip. Now I’m getting a bit nervous. I’ve been given advice here there and everywhere and everyone tells me they’re sure it will be fine… I’m still scared. First time surgery has worried me. Suppose there’s a first time for everything!

I’ve got one last lot of blood tests on Monday morning, though I’m not quite sure what for… Then it’s just my own pre-surgery preparation. Back massage and leg wax booked for Monday- the essentials 😉 (well, got to feel and look good in hospital hey!)

I haven’t really got any news for this post, it’s just a quick ‘this is how I’m feeling’ (true blog style!) type of post. Oh! I have bought a nighty though… I was instructed to by the nurse- pyjamas not as practical for a hip that’s just been replaced apparently. I say nighty, it isn’t. I couldn’t face the idea of buying an old lady nighty, so it’s a long t-shirt. I’m sure it’ll do!

That’s all for now. May not post again til after it’s done actually…!


Positive Progress and I’m One Happy Girl! (16 days to go)

2 Sep

This morning I went to the hospital for pre-admissions tests. That meant more blood tests (which make me nervous), blood pressure checks etc. Results: Blood pressure good, no other issues and I think I’ve even got over the fear of blood tests as this time, it was absolutely fine 🙂 Also, it’s most likely I’ll be having stitches and glue for the wound rather than staples- which is pleasing as I was a bit concerned about that prospect!

I also spoke to the anaesthetist about the pain control they offer during the op, and whilst I’m opting for a general anaesthetic for the operation itself, they recommend a spinal injection or epidural beforehand so I can’t feel the pain on waking. This, I’m not so keen on the idea of… But it’s just a case of ‘get on with whatever they suggest’ I think!

The third person I had to see was the physiotherapist…. And this is where the best news comes! I won’t be needing physiotherapy! The surgeon is happy for me to build the strength through walking 🙂 so happy! I’m booked in for surgery at 9am on the 18th and may well be up and taking steps by that evening. That’ll be good 🙂 Also! I won’t have to stick by the ‘don’t bend beyond 90 degree’ rule either, as long as the operation goes to plan. So all good good good news!

The nerves haven’t kicked in yet about the surgery, I feel like I am in such great hands now with the team at this hospital. Hooray 🙂

Just 16 days to go!


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