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Change of Plan!

28 Aug

Hip replacement number 1 had been booked for the 6th of September (next Friday!) to be done on the NHS… but as anyone who follows these posts may have realised, I didn’t have 100% confidence in the surgeon I had been assigned as he made me quite concerned about the likelihood of the operation going wrong.  


When I had a meeting with the private surgeon last month, he put me at ease with his knowledge and confidence about the procedure and I instantly wished he could operate instead.  Well, my Dad has kindly offered to pay for the surgery to be done privately by this surgeon who I trust, so I have rescheduled and been booked in for the 18th of September at 9am. 🙂


I am SO relieved that this is an option for me, as I have 100% confidence in this surgeon.  He is the same surgeon who diagnosed me with pseudoachondroplasia 20 years ago and it is quite clear he ‘knows his stuff’! Also, this means I will be staying in a hospital near home rather than 100 miles away in London – much easier to get to!


So, finally some good news! 🙂


The countdown begins again… 3 weeks today! 





2 Aug

Well, it is now exactly 5 weeks until the first hip replacement… by this time in just 5 weeks, I may be knocked out and having my femur cut about and an implant put in place. Scary. It’s definitely crept up on me, it doesn’t seem that long ago I was saying ‘in a few months time, I’ll be having my hip replaced’, and now it seems the day is very very close! Eek!

I have decided that I need to make the most of the last 5 weeks of having both of my own hips though and the freedom of not being in recovery from surgery… so I will be doing as much driving about to see people and having fun as I can fit in around work! Hopefully there won’t be any issues brought up from the pre-admission appointment to interrupt my time before surgery!

35 days to go…


(I won’t delete posts, but this has now changed… see the ‘Change of Plan’ post!)

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