Inside my legs… X-Rays!

25 Jul

At the appointment with the surgeon earlier on this week, I gained access to all the x-rays of my legs that have been taken since 2008.  Some of them look quite interesting (or maybe it’s just because they’re of my legs?!) so I thought I’d post them on here…




This one is of the first Taylor Spatial Frame I had, before the pins had been turned and when the bone was broken and wonky. The break in the bone can be seen clearly.




The image above shows the same leg, once the frame had been altered and the bone was straighter… and the image below shows where bone growth began (where the white cloudy bit is filling the break.)



The x-ray above shows the last post-frame in a plaster cast.

The following images are of the second TSF I had in 2011…



And before I bore everyone with these… this final one shows why my right knee wouldn’t bend after the TSF was taken off.  The two bones were jamming up against one another!



I shall update this blog again on Tuesday after my appointment!





One Response to “Inside my legs… X-Rays!”

  1. Teresa Keenaghan July 25, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    Having spent the last 3 weeks on crutches I have so much respect for you, I didn’t realise it was so bloody hard!

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