X-Ray… of the hip that is hopefully soon to be gone!

22 Jul

This evening, I have been to see another surgeon about my ever increasingly annoying right hip… that is soon to be replaced, on the 6th of September. As this appointment was with a private surgeon, I was able to keep the x-rays, and so I thought I would post one on here for purpose of comparison between a ‘normal’ hip joint and mine (I’m not convinced the explanation I’ve been giving really makes it clear!). The photo below shows how I do not have a socket for the hip joint – meaning I have been walking about on what is essentially a dislocated hip – and that the ‘ball’ of the joint is far from it. It’s more like a spike… which is another reason it’s been getting more painful by the week, as the bone is slowly wearing down to nothing!

That’s all the news for now, though I do have an appointment next Tuesday (the 30th) for measurement films and pre-ops… so things are seeming very very close now. Eek.




One Response to “X-Ray… of the hip that is hopefully soon to be gone!”

  1. Guy Henderson July 22, 2013 at 11:45 pm #

    We are happy for you Ruby !

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