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Oh! And I have a date for surgery.

11 Jun

Friday the 6th of September. That’s when I should be getting my first shiny new hip. 12 weeks and 3 days to go with this one which is grinding and ‘popping’ every time I move, then it shall be gone! 




What happened at the appointment…

11 Jun

So, yesterday at 10am I went to London for my appointment with my surgeon to a) find out whether I would have custom hips and b) get a date for surgery. Or, so I thought. 

I was told last time that having both hips done at once shouldn’t be a problem if I chose to do that, and had also been told the waiting list was around 6 weeks for surgery… in reality, I cannot have both hips done at once, and the waiting list is between 2 and 4 months. Not the news I wanted at all! 

I was also told that the surgeons weren’t sure whether I needed custom implants or not, and that I may end up with leg length discrepancy as my pelvis is tilted, that the situation would be ‘disastrous’ if the surgery goes wrong and that there are so many more complications than were initially pointed out to me. None of that was what I wanted to hear! 

After discussion with them, it was agreed that the right hip will be replaced first (I’d been put on the waiting list), that the surgeons would look to see if a standard implant would fit me, and that the left hip could be done within 6 months of the right hip. So, one in 3 months time, the other in 9. 


I have never been so disappointed with news in all of my life. That sounds dramatic, but I had planned my life post-degree around the information I had previously been given…. which means I had allowed about 6 months for surgery and recovery, not a year! Now I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do, or when. Extremely frustrating for someone who has just finished a degree and wants to get started along the career path! The news I was given yesterday caused a lot of tears (which only happens to me on rare occasions!) and annoyance that I had been led to believe something totally different in my previous appointment than this one (though I totally appreciate that the change is for my own good!). Still, I don’t have any choice…

The hip joint is even more weirdly shaped now than the last x-ray and the MRI scan shows the right hip really does need replacing ASAP. It needs to be done, so I have to just get on with it, even if it does mean giving up another year of my life (or not doing quite what I had wanted!) for these legs of mine! I just want to get on with my life though!! 

I had the pre-op scans done so the ball is rolling now… hopefully on the way to getting my first shiny new hip.  Hopefully without any of the complications that were listed as possible! :/ Fingers crossed!



Exciting/Scary News…

5 Jun

I had a phone call this morning to offer me a cancellation appointment which is sooner than the July appointment I had planned. It’s next Monday. A whole month earlier than the previously planned one. 

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this change… I’m pleased that I’ll finally have a date for surgery (I hope!) so I can plan my life around it, but this will probably mean the surgery will happen in about 7 weeks time. That’s scarily close…Eek! 

I’ll post again after the appointment on Monday, but I thought I should post on here about the change as I know some people are following this! 



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