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‘A Special Kind of Mum’… Would I cope as a Mother?

10 Apr

This post isn’t about my life with Pseudoachondroplasia, but someone else’s. Someone I’ve never even met. I just saw her on a BBC Three programme a couple of weeks ago (and have been meaning to write about it since!) called ‘A Special Kind of Mum’, and she’s called Michelle.

This programme followed two disabled Mums and how they cared for their young children. Both were amazing Mothers, bringing up their children fantastically. What caught my attention though was Michelle’s experience of bringing up her son, Trey. She said she was worried her son would be taken off her if she was seen not to be coping… But from what I could see, she was doing just fine!

Having a child who isn’t very old and is shooting up to be the same height as her looked like quite a challenge though. Keeping him safe when walking, lifting him into his buggy (a specially adapted one- such a good idea!) and getting him in and out of the car were some of the difficulties highlighted within the documentary, and it’s made me think… How would I cope as a Mother?

Obviously, this is all hypothetical…. I’m not having a child. Well, not right now anyway. But could I look after a tiny little human? And at what age would my child be taller than me? Once I’ve got my new hips, walking should no longer be an issue so pushing a buggy wouldn’t be a problem, or playing with a slightly older child in the park… That would be fine too. There are products not designed for the shorter Mother though (as I’ve discovered when working on my major design project for my degree this year)- changing tables, cots, prams… It would take lots of searching to find products that were usable! Having learnt about PGD a few months ago, and seeing how Michelle copes with Trey, having a child is no longer something I am adamant about not doing… Never thought I’d say that!

I suppose what I’m saying is that seeing Michelle on ‘A Special Kind of Mum’ really made my day. It was mentioned that she and the other disabled Mother, Trish, had experienced nasty comments from members of the public about their abilities as Mothers… How could these people dare to say that? They are doing just as good a job as any other Mother, overcoming the additional challenges along the way! If anyone who reads this knows Michelle, PLEASE tell her that she has given me the confidence to consider having a child in the future- and that I think her son is adorable!

Also, if anyone else with Pseudoachondroplasia has parenting stories they would like to share in response to this, feel free to comment on this post about them! 🙂


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