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Had a scan…

13 Mar

The title of this post summarizes all the news I have for now.  Yesterday, I went down to London for the CT scan, which took 10 minutes, then drove back, without speaking to the surgeon, as I need to book another appointment for that apparently… so there will be some proper news once I’ve spoken to him!  That appointment won’t be until July the 10th though, so there’s a bit of an anxious wait. Ideally, I would have liked to have booked a date for surgery by now.

Judging by the pain in my left hip now though, it won’t be long before it’s as bad as the right and I’ll need both hips doing asap anyway! I’m going to push for the bilateral hip replacement I think – get them both sorted, a matching pair!



Some Photos of the first Taylor Spatial Frame…

6 Mar

I have finally found a folder of images of my first Taylor Spatial Frame, so I thought I’d upload them… sorry they’re not in the right place chronologically!




The whole frame just after the bandages had been removed.



My foot, purple, and turned in…. the result of nerve damage!



With the top ring taken off.



Frame gone! Plaster cast! 🙂

CT Scan

4 Mar

Quick little update this time… I have been given an appointment today for when I’ll be having the CT scan done of my hips to decide whether I get standard or custom hip implants. Next Tuesday (the 12th). That was sorted quickly! 🙂



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