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Finally…. some good news!

25 Feb

Today was the day I finally spoke to a surgeon about having my hip replaced. Not the surgeon I had been referred to, but one at the same hospital. 

Having looked at an x-ray of my hips, it is clear that more of the bone has worn away in the joint over the last year, and that the right hip is no longer in the right place and is moving out of the socket (it looks dislocated)… so that would explain why it hurts so much!  Anyway, after explaining how much it hurts and how little distance I can cover without crutches before it starts hurting even more, the surgeon gave me two options – 


1) Carry on, see how it lasts and take some painkillers and continue to use crutches as part of the pain control




2) Hip replacement! 


Hooray! That’s (sort of) what I wanted to hear. I’ve been told exactly what will be done, the recovery periods (much shorter than I thought), the risks (not as high risk as I thought) and that it could be positioned to make me a whole 2cm taller! haha! So that was pretty much the decision made right there and then, I want it done. It will hopefully mean the pain (and crutches) will be gone! 🙂

However… the left hip then found its way into the discussion. Appearing to be not much behind the right hip in damage and pain, it’s been suggested I have that done too. At the same time… which may not sound ideal, but I think that’s probably the best offer I could have left the hospital with! 🙂

So, now I’m waiting for an appointment to have a CT scan, so the surgeon can decide whether I need a standard hip joint implant or a CNC one to fit my joint specifically. Then once that’s decided, hopefully I can get the surgery booked in for some time after graduation… so probably about August? (I hope!)


If this goes smoothly, I’ll be able to get about WITHOUT crutches properly for pretty much the first time in my life. So, fingers crossed, as that’d be nice! 




An appointment!

18 Feb

I have finally been given a date for an appointment in London to discuss what is going to happen with this troublesome hip of mine! 🙂

It isn’t with the surgeon I was referred to, as he’s away at the moment, but hopefully I will be given some idea of what bone is left in the joint and when this replacement might happen…?! Fingers crossed!

I’ll post again next Monday after the appointment.


Spread the Word….

4 Feb

Just a quick post to bring to attention this new site, Support PSACH.  This group is raising funds for research into Pseudoachondroplasia.  They have a Facebook group too… both links are below:




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