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Heading for problems?

21 Nov

I’m worried. My hip which is in need of being replaced has started to make some very weird noises… it makes clicks, then makes a ‘pop’ noise every time I take a step or stand on my right leg – pretty sure that’s a bad sign! :/ It’s also more painful.

I cannot wait to get this joint replaced, but I hope it will just hold out until that can happen. I was hoping to be given an appointment for the middle of next month, but that is no longer possible, so now I’m playing the waiting game just to find out what can be done and when… I just want to know what the plan is! Seriously concerned that it will become a matter of urgency and I will have to drop out of the final year of my degree to get it done. I don’t want that to happen! I need to finish this degree!


That’s my only update (a small one!) for now… just that my hip has become noisy!



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