29 Oct

Please forgive me, this is another not-particularly-positive-post… Sorry!

I was looking at my outfit in the mirror a few weeks ago, and noticed something I never wanted to see again.  My leg, which was once totally straight after the Taylor Spatial Frame surgery, is no more.  To say it has reversed back to its original ‘knock-kneed’ position would be an exaggeration, as it is nowhere near as bad as it was to begin with – but it is most definitely not totally straight anymore.  I’m guessing the bones are still straight, but the knee joint is so loose/flexible in sideways movement that it cannot support the leg in a straight position. 😦  I’m so disappointed about it.  I thought that going through all the surgeries I’ve had would ultimately result in straight legs. Which it did, for a while… but it obviously isn’t going to be that way for life.  I can only hope it doesn’t get much worse.

I was somewhat hoping that it was just me, and I had imagined it… but I mentioned it to both my Mum and Granny, and both agreed that no, it is no longer straight.  Now I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve put myself through these surgeries unnecessarily if the end result isn’t permanent. Should I have just not bothered and settled for what I had?!  This is so disheartening… not only is the pain from my hips increasing, but now the whole form of my leg is getting worse too!

When will this end? If at some point during my lifetime, leg transplants are an option – trust me, I’m going to apply to have it done! ha ha!




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