Old Wonky Legs…

16 Jul

I found these at the weekend, and couldn’t help but think ‘wow!’ at the difference between my legs then and now.  Thought I’d post these on here as ‘before’ Taylor Spatial Frame photos (they were taken after the break-and-set type operations), and I will at some point post a photo of my legs more recently so the wonders of what those operations have achieved can be seen… 🙂





One Response to “Old Wonky Legs…”

  1. Karen August 24, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    Dr. Jacqueline T. Hecht at University of Texas Medical School in Houston, TX USA studies Pseudoachondroplasia. She gives a presentation on developments in the field every year at Little People of America. This might be a great place to get lots of answers to your questions.

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