My Nuisance of a Knee…. and Hello New Hip?!

16 Jul

Last Wednesday, I headed down to London again to find out what could be done to my knee.  Since the last taylor spatial frame was removed, I have been unable to bend my knee past 90 degrees.  I was told to wait three months, to see if the joint loosened up (as the bones were locking up against each other in the joint)…. and that I did. I tried to move it as much as possible to try and get some more movement in it.  However, when I spoke to my surgeon last week, he told me that there was only one possible option.  I can’t remember exactly the terminology and phrasing was that he used, but it sounded to me that he could cut the muscle around my knee to see if that would help. But, he ‘wouldn’t recommend it’, especially as it wouldn’t necessarily do any good, and could potentially cause further complications.  So, that’s that – my knee will never again bend as much as it used to.  Not a massive problem, but it’s a bit irritating, as it was fine before the last op…. an op which didn’t even involve my knee! Bizarre!!

So I was discharged from the hospital (Quite sad to say goodbye to my surgeon actually!)…. but, not before he had referred me to a hip replacement surgeon (so I won’t be free from the hospital forever!).

I have known for a while that I will be needing hip replacements at some point in my life, and recently it has become evident that one will be needed in the near future (as opposed to when I am 30 which is what I was expecting).  As soon as I was told a few months ago that I needed a replacement joint ‘pretty soon’, the research began.  I have looked up how hip replacements are done, what options there are as far as how the joints are made, which surgeons may be best to go to, what the recovery time is, what limitations there are after surgery, what to expect in terms of pain, what the risks are…. you get the idea, I did a lot of reading.  I was considering getting the opinions of both a surgeon on the NHS who operates at the hospital I have previously been treated in and a private surgeon who has performed hip replacements on young adults… until I was told last week that Mr Nejad (the NHS surgeon) has replaced many hips of those with Pseudoachondroplasia before. Well, that was that decision made then – he will know what he’s dealing with and what is best to do with my situation… that’s reassuring. So, I have been referred to him and will have an appointment with him in the next few months… then, I will know more about what needs to be done, and when.  It will be good to know more about it, and possibly get myself booked in if a  replacement is needed ASAP as I’ve heard the replacements can give patients a totally different way of life – hey! Maybe I’ll be able to walk about without crutches?! That’d be good. 🙂




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