A Little Discovery…

24 Jun

So,  the obvious traits of the condition are the short limbs, small hands and feet, joints that aren’t formed correctly and the early onset of joint pain… but! I seem to have discovered another one which had never been mentioned to me before, nor had it been documented in anything I’ve read. Strange nails on the big toes. Yes, seems odd doesn’t it, but I think it’s true (Think I’ll regret writing this the next time I wear flip flops and any friends who have read this look at my feet..)!

The nails on both of my big toes have always been oddly formed. They sort of curl back on themselves a bit, so that the ends of them are pointing upwards – a nightmare to paint, and annoying to anyone giving me a pedicure! However, I had assumed it was just me who had these weird nails, for no particular reason.  However, I recently noticed on the Facebook page of someone else who has the condition a photo of their feet, and they too had these bizarrely shaped nails.  Having asked two more people with Pseudo if their nails are the same (and them confirming that they do), I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely a trait of Pseudoachondroplasia. I have no idea why, but I intend to try and find out (if anyone knows)…

How odd!

Sorry, not the most interesting post I know, but I thought different toenails were worthy of a blog post…. haha! 🙂



One Response to “A Little Discovery…”

  1. Jamie June 16, 2015 at 12:44 am #

    Jamison’s toe nails curve in, and the sides of his big toe nails kind of flare out like an ocean wave. Very cool!

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