Taylor Spatial Frame Two!

3 May

The first frame came off in 2008, leaving me with one very straight left leg with lots of small circular scars all over it, and one almost-straight right leg which still bent backwards when I walked.  So, in 2011, having had three years to forget what it is really like to be framed up, I visited my surgeon once more. An appointment in April to ‘discuss what options there may be in the future’. I got a bit carried away and booked myself in for that June to have my second frame fitted.

As I had just finished my second year of university, and was about to begin my industrial work placement year, admittedly, it wasn’t the best timing.  However, I like to challenge myself, so I would have my leg straightened AND get my Diploma of Professional Studies by doing the work placement! 🙂

On June the 20th 2011, I went into hospital at 7am.  At 5pm (by which point I hadn’t had a drink or any food for 18 hours, I was soooo hungry!) I went down to theatre, was given a general anaesthetic and drifted off.  I think the operation took around 2 and a half hours (but I was so drowsy I don’t think checking the clock was high on my agenda!). Dosed up on painkiller and still half asleep after the anaesthetic, I just slept until the next day.  I asked to be taken off the intravenous drip of painkillers, which the nurses agreed to as I had been through this procedure before.

On a few paracetamol a day, I quickly progressed through the checklist of things you’re required to do before you’re allowed home! Get up, washed and dressed? Done. Change the pin-site dressings? Done. Walk up and down the ward using crutches? Done. Pick up the prescription of painkillers? Would have done, but it was going to take hours, so I said I’d get some from Tesco instead – after all, I wasn’t taking anything unusual!

So, I beat my personal best. I was ready to leave the hospital just three days after the frame was fitted! Four days sooner than expected! Yippee!

The 5 months that frame were on dragged by. Each day, hardly moving, not feeling up to many outings out (not because it hurt, but because I got sick of people staring at the frame in disgust – as though I shouldn’t be out in public!).  I watched enough television and DVDs to last me a lifetime!

Exactly 5 months after the frame was fitted, x-rays showed that the bones were healed enough for frame removal.

So that’s what was done.  Frame off, plaster cast on. One month to go! Having a leg in plaster cast really isn’t much of an inconvenience at all.

I could wear normal clothes, I could move around without pins tearing through my skin, I could have a shower without having to spend ages seeing to all the pin-sites after – and I could go out and about, which certainly made time pass faster!
The plaster cast was removed on the 7th of December.  X-rays were taken and I had TWO TOTALLY STRAIGHT LEGS! I have never had such a huge smile on my face when I saw that x-ray! 😀 Within minutes of the cast being taken off, I was raring to go out and show off my newly straight legs! Okay, so most people have two of their own, but mine were new!! 😀


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