Other Operations and Hospital Adventures (that I can’t remember the order or years of!)

20 Apr

I had the ‘break your legs and let them set in a straighter position’ operation three times in total, but I have had other operations too.  The ligaments in my knee have been mashed to strengthen them and to prevent sideways movement in the joint. I’ve had pins put into my bones to strengthen the bones in the correct position. I’ve had a few ‘blue dye’ operations in my hip – but I don’t actually know what they were for! Something else was done to my hip too, and you may not believe it, but I genuinely haven’t got a clue what, or when it was done – all I know is that I have got two rather long scars along my left hip.  A hospital visit I do remember clearly though (but again, I’m not sure how old I was) was when I had a MRI scan.  Having to lay in a tube, staying very, very still, whilst things whirred around me – forming images of my neck.

The MRI scan was being done to determine how much the form of my neck had been affected by Pseudoachondroplasia.  It was obvious that I had (and still do have) a deep lumbar curve in my spine, which is a common finding in people with PSACH, but what I really wanted to know was if I was allowed to get back on a trampoline!  My parents had been told previously that trampolining could be dangerous for me, as one small fall could cause permanent neck damage if part of my spine was too near my nerves (I think that’s what the worry was anyway!).  Not being able to do many physical activities due to the daily pain, I was obviously keen to get back on a trampoline as it was something I could do with minimal pain, and something that I enjoyed! Luckily for me, the scan proved there wasn’t an issue with my spine and that I could trampoline as much as any other child! 🙂

I know I had many other hospital appointments when I was younger too, but the details of them are long gone from my memory! I do know that I didn’t really mind going to them though – the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Free London were always lovely, and when I needed anaesthetic for operations, I was more than willing to be there! Oh that dazy feeling of drifting off! 🙂 The more recent operations and hospital appointments will have their own posts, as they will probably be quite lengthy, and I don’t think that’s quite how these blogs are supposed to work, are they?!



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