Leg Straightening… Take Two… And Three!

3 Apr

So, the first time I had both legs broken to straighten them, it had worked – for a few months, before my growth caused the deformity to return to my legs and I was back to square one again.  However, the decision that I made, along with my surgeon and parents, was to try again – maybe it would work this time.

This is going to be a very short post, as basically, the same things were done again (that I explained in the previous post).  Legs broken, legs in plaster, lots of time spent sitting down, plaster off, physio done and ta-dah! Straight legs. This time around though, it was a little more successful… Yes, the left leg soon became knock-kneed again, but the right one didn’t! It was almost totally straight! Hooray!

I don’t remember what the time scale was, but I know that I had the left leg operated on once more (third time lucky?!) in an attempt to straighten it.  I also had the ligaments in my knee ‘mashed’ to try and strengthen the joint and prevent my knee twisting in the wrong direction. I was definitely more wary about having surgery directly on my knee – I’m not sure why, but I was.  However, it did improve the situation a little, as the leg no longer looked as wonky, nor was the knee joint so loose.

So, three lots of leg-straightening surgery later, and I had one leg that was almost totally straight, and one that wasn’t really – but was a lot nearer than it was to begin with! Some might say that the surgery was a lot to go through when perfection wasn’t achieved as an end result, but I disagree. At least I can say we tried! It wasn’t the end of surgery for me though, but that’s all to come in other posts….


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